Molly Pictures (updated 6/12/03)

Molly is a gymnast who was 19 years old at the time of our first shoot with her in the spring of 2001. She is originally from New Hampshire and can bench 185 lbs for several reps. We shot with her again this spring ('03) and the newer pictures are from then.

  • Molly, Alison, Leah & Marlin (12/Jun/2003)
  • Molly Pennington in a Red Skirt (24/May/2003)
  • Gymnasts Molly & Alison part 1 (29/Apr/2003)
  • Gymnasts Molly & Alison part 2 (29/Apr/2003)
  • College gymnasts Molly & Alison in dresses (16/Aug/2002)
  • Molly & Alison Armwrestling and Comparing Biceps (12/Jul/2002)

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