Lisa Janusz (updated 3/30/03)

Lisa Janusz is a bodybuilder from Ohio that (believe it or not) has only been lifting seriously for about three years. A college basketball player with a multi-sport background, Lisa is quite the little powerhouse. Standing at about 5'4, 125 at the time of our shoot in September 2002, Lisa can curl 90 lbs for a few reps and can bench press well above her bodyweight. We were particularly impressed that she enjoys showing off her muscularity and has great enthusiasm for all aspects of bodybuilding.

  • Lisa Janusz in a Crop Top and Jeans Shorts (31/Mar/2003)
  • Lisa Janusz, Summer Montabone & Shannon Pemberton Posing Together (11/Feb/2003)
  • Lisa in a Red Dress (24/Jan/2003)
  • Lisa in a Red Dress (10/Dec/2002)
  • Lisa Janusz (07/Dec/2002)
  • Lisa in a Black Top (23/Nov/2002)
  • Lisa Janusz in Green (14/Oct/2002)

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