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Shannon C. Rabon
Born in Beaufort, SC on Nov 21, 1976
Now reside in Columbia, SC
Height: 5' 1"
Weight: Off season 135-140 lbs, competing at 118
biceps: 14.5" pre-contest, 15 -15.5 off season
quads: 23"
calves: 15.5"
waist: contest 24"; off season 27"
hips: 31" at contest; off season 35-36"
chest: 33" at contest; off season 35"
Best Lifts
Bench max: 185 for reps
Curls dumbbells: 40’s for reps
Squats: 315 for reps (off season and also not in a long time)

Hobbies/Interests: "Partying and dancing with friends, reading, playing with my wonderful pet wolves (Conan and Nikkita)."

School Background (degrees, schools, etc): "Graduated from Thomas Heyward Academy in 1995, and started college at the University of SC in the fall of that year, received a degree in criminal justice pre-law, and then deciding not to attend law school in order to pursue a career as a gym owner and in bodybuilding"

Future goals: "My future goals are to get my pro card in bodybuilding and help the sport's image become more sensual and feminine. I think after I achieve this goal that I will retire from bodybuilding, maybe pursue a figure career.”

What empowers/motivates you as an athlete? "My fans and family actually motivate me to keep going. When I go and compete at these shows I have so much fun and training is just 2nd nature for me, along with the diet. I love the diet part, when I go off my diet I do not feel as good and then I can not control binges and wanting food all the time, it is easier to stay on my diet."

How do you feel about the increasing trend of more and more women lifting weights and changing traditionally male domains by breaking past stereotypes?:
"I think that we as women are starting to slowly break the old-world mold of a male-dominated society."

On peoples' reactions to her physique: "People as a whole treat me with respect when it comes to being muscular. Although they really have no idea how hard all the work is that goes into the sport, they do know it is hard."

Were you always strong, even as a child? “I don't think that I was a brutal child, but my sister and I were always fighting and being tomboys. Growing up, I played sports and was always very competitive. I think that genetics play a vital role in who I have become and I think I have yet to achieve my full potential."

On the impact lifting has had on her life: "I think not only has lifting had an impact on my life now, but will continue throughout my life by allowing me to live healthy. I think that I have impacted others by helping them become healthier and feel better about them being a personal trainer and owner of a 1 on 1 training center."

On doing her part to win the battle of the sexes: "I have never really tested my strength against another person, but I have out lifted some on occasion in the gym. I do feel that I am a strong person, but I am still a woman!”

How has it been training for this upcoming show?
“I have never had such a hard experience in my whole life. I have never felt so unsure about a show in my career. I would have never made it through without my boyfriend, Jea Jung. I have had a lot of battles this year, but I still managed to pull through and look the best I ever have. And I really owe it all to him for helping me through some very hard times and sticking with me even through hormones ups and downs and insecurities issues.”

How do you feel that you will do at the Nationals this year, 2003?
I feel that this is my year to take home the pro card. I have had a lot of support and I have done all my homework for this one show for the last year. I have always trained for 2 shows a year and it makes a difference only competing at one show. But I feel that I have looked the best ever and someone will have to be pretty good this time around to beat me.”

Shannon's Favorite Quotes:

"The road to construction is always under construction."

"Some people dream of success and others wake up and make them come true."

"If you work like Shannon, if you train like Shannon, if you eat like Shannon, you'll be like Shannon."