Rick Oliver is a well known physique photographer based in London, Ontario, Canada. He is a former competitive bodybuilder and powerlifter, and has specialized in female physique and athletic photography for the last seven years. You will also recognize Rick from his working backstage and in the pump up rooms at OPA bodybuilding contests, organizing and expediting the competitors, keeping the shows running smoothly.

Rick recently closed his popular web sites bicepboy.com and bicepgirlz.com (the archives have been added to the HerBiceps.com galleries), and joined the HerBiceps team as our Canadian photographer. If you are interested in doing a photo shoot or video production, and you live in Canada, contact Rick by email: bicepboy@execulink.com or HerBiceps webmaster@herbiceps.com

He has a fairly flexible schedule, but it pays to book your shoots with plenty of lead time to avoid disappointment.

Enjoy the portfolio galleries of samples from Rick’s latest photo shoots!