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Summer Special on Membership

July 18th, 2003 - Sign up today or anytime this summer to be a HerBiceps.com member for only $11.95 per month without any additional startup fees.

Exclusive Offer for HerBiceps Members

July 18th, 2003 - As part of our continuing commitment to offer value for our members and to show appreciation for those of you that stick with us over the long run, HerBiceps has acquired some tapes from Tre at Femflex at wholesale prices and we'll be giving these tapes away to our members at incredibally low prices over the coming months. Any active HerBiceps members of 4 months or greater is eligible to participate.

The first tapes we are offering are the FemFlex Angie Salvagno Videos; here's a description from their website...

"26-year old Angie is a middleweight bodybuilder who placed 6th at the most recent NPC Nationals. She also works for UPS - wouldn't you love for her to deliver some packages to your door? She appears here just three weeks after the contest, with some beautiful muscular fullness and still very hard at 5-4, 145 lbs. There is plenty of sexy pumping & posing in her new video, and if you're a fan of biceps, forearms, and vascularity, then this tape is for you. Angie poses in 8 different outfits, including a beautiful pink thong bikini, and there's also a nice workout session as well, where those beautiful arms are cast into action. Running time is 70 minutes."

We have 35 Angie Salvagno tapes to give away this month and its going to be first come, first serve. It would cost $30 plus shipping to buy this tape from Femflex Videos. But with this offer, you can get this tape for only $12 inlcuding shipping and handling for US orders. Additional shipping charges will apply to international orders. You can pay with the credit card you have on file with us or by paypal. Just send us an email at webmaster@herbiceps.com to take advantage of this limited time offer!

HerBiceps turns one year old.

June 1st, 2003 - HerBiceps.com officially opened sometime in May 2002 making this month (June 2003) the first full month of our 2nd year in existence. We wanted to take this opportunity to thank everybody involved with the site and all you guys for staying with us in what has been a very successful year.

So, we thought it would be worth taking a look at how much content we were able to post in our first year. We created a public stats page so folks can see just how much stuff is available for download on the site.

Through yesterday, there are over 21,000 pictures, over 2,000 video clips and more than 13 gigs of data on HerBiceps.com. That means we posted on average over 50 pictures and more than 5 clips per day of our first year. For those of you wondering whether a year's membership would be worth the money: at $89.95 for the year, you would have paid $.02 per videoclip and $.0025 cents per picture on the site. So, that's 25 video clips and 200 pictures per dollar spent on membership.

We think that's a pretty good deal, but we're prepared to make our 2nd year an even better deal. We are going to increase the amount and the quality of content per day on the site and dozens of new girls will be featured for your enjoyment.

HerBiceps In Florida / New Message Boards / Other News

May 22nd, 2003 - So, we have moved to Clearwater, FL from New York City in an effort to be able to shoot outdoors all year round, to keep costs down and just because we wanted to.

So, a lot of our stuff is still in boxes, but we're making an effort to catch up on our email, signups/cancels, and to post as much as we can with our temporary dial-up until DSL gets installed.

The big news today is our brand new MESSAGE BOARD which replaces the old one which never really worked right. This board will allow folks to post inline links to pictures and to bring out their personalites a bit more with the style of the boards.

We have a lot of great shoots lined up for the coming months and a whole lot of material to post from shoots recently done. It really should be an exciting summer and we promise that more material will be posted in the next 4 months than ever before. Your support has allowed us to put even more resources into doing shoots. Also, we may be selling DVDs with video and pictures beginning this summer. Keep an eye out for that. Web site members will receive substantial discounts. Members who have been around for a long time will get even better deals.

Moving / Video Collections For Sale

May 4th, 2003 - We are moving next week to the Florida area in seek of warmer climates, tanner models and cheaper living. We'll hopefully get set up down there very quickly and the move should not significantly affect the site except for a few days without an update or the ability to return emails.

New Shoots

April 26th, 2003 - Its been a productive last couple of months in the shooting department here at HerBiceps. Last month, we were at the Arnold and we've just started to post the material from the shoots we conducted in Ohio. This month, the HerBiceps team headed South to North Carolina where we caught up with some old friends and made a few new one's during the process. Crowd pleaser
  • Rebecca Rosza
  • met up with us in Charlotte for a long, productive shoot. She's looking fabulous and is planning to start nursing school soon.

    After Charlotte, we headed up to the Raleigh-Durham area where we shot with gymnasts Alison Bundy and Molly Pennington. The two brought along five other college gymnasts. This gave us the chance to stage a what we think will become a legendary arm wrestling tournament! We headed to Greenville where we had a great time with East Carolina University student and figure competitor Jacquelynne LeBlanc and two of her friends.

    In other news, we are happy to announce that Rick Oliver (BicepBoy) will be back in action this year and shooting exclusively for HerBiceps.com. We are looking forward to seeing a lot of great new Canadian biceps from up in his neck of the woods.

    Website Changes

    April 11th, 2003 - There have been many changes made to HerBiceps this week. We are attempting to make the site more user friendly by adding menu bars on each page and making the top banner direct you back to the front page. If you are having any difficulties viewing the pages or if see any broken links on the pages please email us!

    April 8th, 2003

    We're very pleased to report that the download problem that had been plaguing many of our users these last couple of weeks has at least been temporarily solved. I've received reports from many of those having the trouble that they are once again able to download at the high speeds our servers are capable of delivering.
    In other news, you may have noticed that the front part of the site has received a bit of a redesign. We hope you like it. We think its a bit more attractive than the old way. We're still working on a new what's new page (slightly ironic, huh) and a couple of new sections for the site. It should be an exciting spring/summer season here on the site.

    April 4th, 2003

    We now have a brand new HerBiceps chatroom in place of the old one. We think its a bit more user-friendly and we'll be making improvements and adding features over the course of the next few months. People are starting to chat outside the scheduled times and we hope to see more of that this spring and summer. It might take logging on and waiting for other folks to join you before it becomes normal to see folks in there 24 hours a day.

    An update on the slowdown many of you have been experiencing. This is from DtV who currently hosts HerBiceps.com and provides tech support for us here:

    "My ISP think they've found the problem. It's with their link via "Level3.net", one of the backbone providers. They tell me that they're getting breaks in service from level3 that are 45 seconds long; that would be long enough to give the symptoms I'm seeing.

    "This would also affect any other ISP that uses level3 as their backbone.

    "I'm telling them that they have to reroute me immediately, via another backbone, and not wait until Level3 have solved whatever problem it is they have."

    So now that the problem has been finally rooted out, we should see a solution soon. According to DtV, this was as difficult a problem that's arisen in her 7 years of operating on the web.

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