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Kimberly Kilper


Birthdate: June 3rd, 1981
From: St. Louis, Missouri

Height: 5'4"
Weight: 140 lbs contest, 160 lbs off-season

Biceps: 15"

Bench Press: 80 lbs each arm x 12 reps
Incline Bench: 185 lbs x 12 reps
Bicep Curls: 50 lbs each arm x 6 reps; 100 lbs barbell x 8 reps

Triceps Pushdowns: 120 lbs x 12 reps
Lat Pulldowns: 120 lbs x 16 reps

Shoulder Press: 75 lbs each arm x 12 reps

Dumbbell Rows: 95 lbs each arm x 12 reps
Chest Flies: 40 lbs each arm x 12 reps
Deadlift: 225 lbs x 12 reps

Hobbies/ Interests: "I have always been involved in sports. In high school, I played volleyball, soccer, track, cross-country and was a cheerleader. I ended up quitting the cheerleading squad though in order to have more time to work out. I just love working out and jogging. I also really love to shop!"

Bodybuilding bacground: "Growing up as a child I was always very active in sports and school activities. I always looked up to my older brother and sister and used them as role models. My older brother was a bodybuilder and he really influenced and motivated me. I always thought he was so neat. At the age of 12 I began using his workout equipment in the basement and following the workouts he made for me. I really got excited about working out and I could tell I found my sport. I began making good gains in muscle so when I was 15 I joined the gym with my brother. I loved it! I remember going to the gym for three hours sometimes.

"When I was 17 I decided to diet for my first show. However, as the show came closer I decided that I was not ready to step on stage yet. The following year with the support and help form my family and friends especially my older brother I dieted for my first show called the "Caveman Classic." I was very nervous and didn't know what the expect going into the show. I wound up winning first place and overall in the teenage class, first place and overall in the middle weight novice class, and first place in the middle weight open class. I was overwhelmed and I knew I was destined to be a bodybuilder. Later that year I won my state show and Teen/Collegiate Nationals.

"Since then I have competed in a lot of shows. I love the feeling I get when I step on stage after dieting for so long. The gratification really makes all of the hard work worthwhile. My family, friends, and boyfriend are my backbone. Without their love and support I would not be able to succeed. I have been blessed with a wonderful family and I am grateful for them. They have helped my my whole way through."

On her future goals: "I think working out really makes a person more disciplined, motivated, and goal oriented. I hope to leave my mark in the world of bodybuilding. My goal is to one day get a pro card and compete."

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