January 30th, 2003

The Arnold Classic is a huge bodybuilding and fitness contest held in Columbus, Ohio each year in the early spring. This year it is taking place the weekend of March 1st. The highlight of the show is the huge expo and the chance to interact.

While HerBiceps will not have a booth at the expo, we would like to announce the 1st Annual HerBiceps Dinner on Saturday March the 1st at 8pm. All site members and contributors who are going to be in town for the show are welcome to join us and some of the women of HerBiceps for this get-together.

It will be a good chance to meet HerBiceps stars such as Elena Seiple, Stephanie Park, Summer Montabone, Kelly Childers, Rebekah Kresila, and others. Please note appearances by anybody in particular are not guaranteed, but we do expect good attendance from the ladies.

Please email us at webmaster@herbiceps.com if you intend on coming to the dinner as we would like to get a good estimate on the number of seats will have. The location will be announced here a few weeks in advance. Dinner for the ladies will be on us, but members will be paying for their own meals. We'll try to choose somewhere nice, but affordable.

January 21st, 2003

HerBiceps.com has been open for 7 months now and its been quite a ride. Thank you to all those who have supported us. We intend to keep striving to improve both the quality, the quantity and the breadth of the content on the site.

This new year promises to be better than the last. New equipment and valuable experience will allow our pictures and video to look even better than before. We'll work more with old favorites and find dozens of new faces. We have quite a few ideas that we think you'll love, so keep an eye out in the coming months.

As we continue to work to improve the site, we hope our members will stay with us and enjoy the ride. All current memberships are locked in at current prices and that will never change. Additionally, if you join by the end of January, you can still join for the same prices you've been able to join this whole first year ($11.95 each month or $75 each year).

But beginning in February, we will be instituting a new pricing structure. The first month will cost $27.95 and each month thereafter will be $11.95. Also, the annual membership price will be increased to $89.95 per year. This new pricing plan allows old members to continue to enjoy the same price they pay currently. This new plan also keeps the monthly rate (after the 1st month) at the same low $11.95 price while still allowing those willing to commit to an annual membership to enjoy significant savings (less than $7.50 per month).

We now have well over 50 women featured in more than a thousand clips in our Video Index , over 75 women & more than 10,000 pictures in our Picture Index and more than 60 Athlete Profiles on the site. We also have about 10 regularly featured women chatting at designated times in the chat room for our members.

Less than a year after our start, with over 10 Gigabytes of video and pictures available for download, HerBiceps.com is already one of the biggest sites on the internet on the topic of muscular women. Because new members get access to the material accumulated and archived on this site, someone joining now should pay a premium to view the material other's have paid for. With the extra money from these signups, we'll be able to fund even more shoots for all of our members to enjoy.