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An Enjoyable Evening!

The first annual Her Biceps dinner was a hit! Members, models and friends of the site attended the intimate dinner reception at the Hyatt Regency in downtown Columbus, OH. During the course of the evening, attendees feasted on chocolate-fondu fruits, chicken quesedillas, pasta, turkey, steak, lamb chops, wild rice and grilled veggies. The interaction between members and models will be memorable: after dinner the women posed for a few pictures and then broke out their muscles for a few arm wrestling matches. Attendees from the website included Stephanie Park, Cathy Street, Rebecca Rush, Heather Bayer, Colleen Ritchie, Summer Montabone, Maria Mikola, Rebekah Kresila, Christine Moore and Dorinda Pribila.

Thanks to Brian and Ricko for helping out with the video and pictures from this event. Its always great to get members involved with the site.

  • Pictures from the Night of the Dinner Part 1
  • Pictures from the Night of the Dinner Part 2
  • Video Stills from the Clips Part 1
  • Video Stills from the Clips Part 2

  • Video clips from the Night of the Dinner

    A visual survey of the room (6 MB & 44 secs)

    Eight of the girls flexing for pictures (12 MB & 1 min 25 secs) & a shorter clip featuring the group posing together (3 MB & 22 secs)

    Christine Moore, Steph Park and Maria Mikola flexing for the cameras (4.1 MB & 29 secs). Steph Park, Summer Montabone and Rebeka Kresila posing together (6.2 MB & 45 secs) .

    A future HerBiceps star, Pennsylvania bodybuilder Dorinda Pribila flexing in a black dress (8 MB & 54 secs) & telling us a bit about herself (6 MB & 41 secs)

    Steph Park posing in a tubetop and wrap skirt (5.8 MB & 42 secs)

    Fistman vs Sandy after dinner - Lefty (3.3 MB & 23 secs)

    Fistman vs Sandy arm wrestling - right handed (8 MB & 58 secs)

    Steph beats her biggest fan (2.7 MB & 19 secs)

    Sandy and Steph challenge one another (3.2 MB & 23 secs)

    Summer takes on Steph - Righty (9.1 MB & 1min 6 secs)

    Summer and Steph Arm Wrestle (4.7 MB & 34 secs)

    Stephanie wrestles Lou after dinner (2 MB & 14 secs)

    Rainerk takes on Steph (6.1 MB & 44 secs)

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