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Britt Miller

Birthdate: October 4th, 1984
From: Born & Raised in North Carolina; currently attending East Carolina University studying Nursing

Height: 5'4"
Weight: 120-125 lbs conteset; 150-165 lbs offseason

Forearms: 11.5"
Biceps: 12.75" unflexed, 14" flexed

Best Lifts: "but watch out, I'm getting stronger every day"

Bicep Curls: 35 lbs each arm for reps
Dumbbell Shoulder Press: 40 lbs each arm for reps
Dumbbell Bench Press: 60 lbs each arm for reps
One Arm Dumbbell Rows: 65 lbs each arm for reps
Chest Flies: 40 lbs each arm for reps

Deadlift: 265 lbs for reps
Squats: 200 lbs for reps
Leg Press: 450 lbs for reps

1999 Elite NC Show -- competed in figure
2001 Metrolina -- 3rd place lightweight bodybuilding

2003 NC States -- 3rd place lightweight bodybuilding
2003 Metrolina -- 3rd place figure

2004 NC States -- 1st place lightweight bodybuilding and overall champ
2004 Jr Nationals -- 2nd place middleweight bodybuilding

Hobbies/ Interests: "I am looking forward to graduating in May of 2006 so I can reproiritize because as of now, my hobbies are school first and then bodybuilding and that is it. BUT when I have free time, I love to play basketball."

Athletic & Physique Competition History: "I played basketball while I was in high school and had planned to play in college. But towards the end of high school, I became 100% focused on trying to put on muscle size for bodybuilding. I also played softball my senior year. I then started to spend most of my free time training at the gym which ended up being to my advantage because my strength had increased and really helped me to succeed.

"I have been lifting seriously since I was a freshman in high school. Although I couldn't take weightlifting as a freshman in school, I did manage to work out everyday. The coach of the weightlifting class went to the gym that I went to in the mornings before school. Since I wasn't old enough to drive, my mom would wake up and take me to the gym every morning at 4:30am. I would work out, do cardio, tan, take a shower, and then I would ride to school with the coach.

"This is how I trained to compete in my first competition. I competed in my first figure competition, the Quincy Roberts "Elite," when I was a freshman at 14 years old. I looked awesome for my age, but yet I was obviously a little underdeveloped! I think I was about 110lbs! It was a great experience and I fell in love with the enviornment. It was a big thing for me to become a sophmore because I could take weightlifting class.

"My next competition was when I was a junior in high school. I did Roger Morrison's Metrolina Show. I competed in the bodybuilding division for my first time. Unfortunately, I had to compete against one of the best female physiques ever from North Carolina, Melanie Thompson! Remember,I was only 16 at the time, and Mel was, well... HUGE compared to me! There were three girls in the lightweight class, and I got third. But hey, another learning experience out of the way! I was still happy, and I got my first trophy!

"My next show was when I was a Freshman in college. I competed in the NC State Championships, lightweight bodybuilding class, and got third. I hadn't planned to do this competition; I had been dieting for about 7 weeks to do figure at the Metrolina and my brother asked me if I thought that I could get ready for bodybuilding at the NC States in 1 week! I thought this would be impossible, but of course I took it as a challange and preceeded to do so. I dropped 15 pounds in one week and placed third in bodybuilding.

"I still did the Metrolina about 1 month later and, once again, placed third; but this time in figure. By then, I was tired of placing third! I took a year off to try to put on some size.

"Last year, 2004, my Sophmore year, I decided to do bodybuilding at the NC States. I completed an 18 week diet and dropped down to 124 lbs from 160 lbs for the competition. I was, what I thought, in excellent condition. I placed 1st in the lightweight class and then went on to win the 2004 Overall NC State Women's Bodybuilding title. This made me eligible to compete nationally.

"The 2004 J. Nationals were only 4 weeks after the NC States, so I decided to give it a try! I busted my ass for those next 4 weeks and weighed in at 120lbs. What I thought was excellent conditioning for the NC States, didn't even compare to the difference in conditioning that I had at the Jr.'s. I placed 2nd in the middleweight class at the 2004 Jr. Nationals.

"I have taken the time since the show to put on as much muscle possible. I am now planning to compete at the 2005 USA's. From where I started out, I think that I have come a very long way and am so thankful that I am where I am right now! I only want to better my overall physique."

On the reactions her physique draws from people: "Many people compliment me and take the time to come up to me and talk to me about my training. Those are the individuals that I respect because you never know what someone is truly about until you talk to them. I definately get many stares and weird looks; even some mumbles here and there. I love the muscular look that I have and couldn't imagine myself without muscles! People who are into the sport admire my look, but people who have no idea what is going on tend to stare and wonder. It's ok though, I like for people to notice my physique because I work damn hard for it. What they have to say about it is totally their business. "

On what she loves about bodybuilding: "My brother is my #1 inspiration in the sport of bodybuilding! I wouldn't be where I am right now if it wasn't for him. He has made out all of my diets and workout schedules since day one and has taught me everything that I know! He has always believed in me and has been behind me 100% through it all.

"Bodybuilding is the one thing that I can turn to, to free myself from anything that might be bothering me. I go in the gym to get my mind off of everything and to just focus on what I love the most, training! I like the off-season look as well as the in-season look; I like being full and muscular, but then again I like being shredded when it comes competition time. The week by week progress during competition is awesome to look at the whole way through. The competitors and the competition that they bring with them to the stage is great and the backstage enviornment as well as on-stage time is an adrenline rush. Bodybuilding is my dream and I am loving every minute of it!"

On her proudest accomplishment and future goals in the sport: "My biggest accomplishment so far is winning the NC States and then placing 2nd at the 2004 Jr Nationals, both at 19 years old.

"My future goals in the sport of bodybuiding are to compete in the 2005 USA's. I'm taking it one step at a time. I'm sure that you all can imagine what my future goal is, going pro would definatly be the most awesome thing ever. But as for right now, I am just taking everything as it comes. I am hoping to bring a new physique to the 2005 USA's, and in turn make a name for myself on the national level."

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