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Anne Sheehan

Birthday: April 15, 1973
Born/raised: Trenton, NJ

Height: 5'3'
Weight: 150 contest, 190 off

Strongest Lifts:
Bicep Curls: 50lb dumbells
Tricep Pushdowns: 150lbs
Lat Pulldowns: 170lbs
Shoulder Press: 225lbs

Bench Press: 245lbs
Incline Bench: 90lb dumbells
Dumbbell Rows: 105lb dumbells
Chest Flies: 50lb dumbells

Deadlift: 365lbs
Squats: 315lbs
Leg Press: 630lbs

Biceps: 16.5"
Quads: 25"
Calves: 17"

Education/Profession: Master Hair Color Specialist, college majors were Biology and Chemistry

Athletic Background: "In high school, I played soccer, basketball, volleyball and was on the cheerleading team.

"I was always really strong. I could out-bench all of the boys in high school until about my junior year; and I only weighed about 85 lbs."

Lifting Background: "I began when I was 9. I began using my older brother's home gym equipment after I saw my first female bodybuilder in an electronics store in my area.

"I went to a Wiz store with my parents. While we were waiting for our television to come out of the stock room, I saw this beautiful woman standing there waiting as well. The first thing I noticed was her long curly dark hair, then I began scanning from top to bottom. She had HUGE arms and big thick bumps on her tummy! Then I saw these thick bulging legs coming out from her short cut-off jean shorts. I was amazed at what I saw. I said to myself 'wow I bet she could beat up both of my brothers'.

"I wanted all those muscles too. That is when I began lifting in my basement on my brothers' equipment. I remember looking up at all of the pictures they had on the walls. All men. I had no idea until that moment that women could achieve the same strength and musculature. I'll never forget that moment.

"Having fun is not what I go to the gym for. I am there to work, not to socialize. One day, I was doing barbell shrugs; I was very into my set and I was pushing hard as usual. When I was done, I fell to my knees in exhaustion. I looked up I realized there was a little girl watching me (about the same age I was when I first saw a female bodybuilder). She looked concerned for me, so I looked up at her and smiled. She returned the smile and waved. I saw the same look in her eye that I once had, the desire to be more. Her parents had to pull her away the same way my parents had to. A connection was made. I laughed to myself and thought, she's got the bug. I hope to inspire as many females as I can to want to be more. One thing I always explain when people ask me why I want to be a bodybuilder is that bodybuilding is not just about building muscle it's about building character.

"I did my first competition in June 2000. I placed 2nd in the Heavyweight division. I then did two more local shows in June and July of 2002 and placed first and overall in both. After earning my National qualification, I pursued Las Vegas and did the 2003 USA Championships where I placed 11th in the middleweights. In 2004, I placed fifth in my class at the USAs."

Future goals: "I want to win the overall at the USA's as a bodybuilder. Once I finish competing in bodybuilding, I would like to train for and complete a triathalon and perhaps get back into Martial Arts. I am also a bodybuilding judge, and I don't see an end in my judging career. I hope to someday judge nationally and professionally.   "

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