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The Arnold weekend is a whirlwind of activity with dozens of events, hundreds of booths and tens of thousands of fitness enthusiasts swirling around the Columbus Convention Center. Our primary goal in Columbus was to fit in a bunch of quality shoots with quality people in our studio. But when we weren't doing HerBiceps photoshoots, we sent our cameras around the expo hall to bring you back some candids and highlights from around the expo.

Thanks to Brian and Ricko for helping out with the video and pictures from this event. Its always great to get members involved with the site and these guys were a big help during the weekend.

  • Flexing Pictures -- Candid Shots from the 2003 Arnold Expo part 1 (4.24.04)
  • Flexing Pictures -- Candid Shots from the 2003 Arnold Expo part 2 (4.24.04)
  • Candids & Expo Highlights part 1 (08/Mar/2003)
  • Candids & Expo Highlights part 2 (08/Mar/2003)
  • Candids & Expo Highlights part 3 (08/Mar/2003)
  • Stills from the Video Clips from around the Expo Part 1
  • Stills from the Video Clips from around the Expo Part 2

  • Video Clips from around the Expo

    We took our video cameras around the Expo hall to bring you back some highlights from the weekend. We were able to persuade some of the women working expo booths and some of the standouts from the crowd to flex for our cameras. Here are those clips: Candid Flexes from around the Expo Part 1 (10.9 MB & 1min 20 secs) , Part 2 (10.3 MB & 1min 15 secs) , Part 3 (includes Betty Parison & Lisa Janusz) (7.3 MB & 53 secs) , Part 4 (including Maria Mikola and Amy Peters) (6.2 MB & 45 secs) , Part 5 (including Brenda Rahe) (4.4 MB & 32 secs) , Part 6 (9.3 MB & 1 min 8 secs) , Part 7 (7.9 MB & 58 secs) , Part 8 (9.8 MB & 1 min 12 secs) , and Part 9 (7.7 MB & 56 secs) .

    Some other highlights from around the expo: A girl doing a great job on the flexed arm hang (6.3 MB & 46 secs) , a female bodybuilder (Heide Rovelli) participating in a dumbbell lifting contest (14 MB & 1min 43 secs) , and an Olympic lifter flexing her amazing legs (3.5 MB & 25 secs)

    There was a pro armwrestling contest at the Arnold Expo as well. We were able to film a couple of the matches and interview two of the pro armwrestlers. The interviews will be forthcoming, but here are the matches: Karen Cooley v Margie Warden (10.9 MB & 1min 20 secs) and Margie Warden vs. Barb Zaleppa (5.6 MB & 41 secs) (updated 3/28/03) .

    Margie Warden demonstrates armwrestling technique with another woman (4.5 MB & 33 secs) & shows off her mighty arms for our cameras (9.0 MB & 1min 5 secs) .

    Here's an interview with a female armwrestling great, Karen Cooley The full interview (21.5 MB & 2 min 31 secs) , or you can download it in parts: Part 1 (12 MB & 1 min 27 secs) & Part 2 (9.8 MB & 1 min 12 secs) . Karen was also good enough to talk about Armwrestling Strategy & Technique (5.5 MB & 40 secs) and Armwrestling Safety (6.8 MB & 49 secs) .

    misc. extras (just found these lost archive clips) posted 1/24/04

    Some various expo flexes (6.2 MB; 0:44) from around the expo...and an interview with pro female armwrestler Margie Warden or you (28.2 MB; 3:25) .

    Here's an interview with Heide Rovelli (25.2 MB; 3:00) , a novice female bodybuilder we met at the expo . Heide did a bit of flexing for our cameras as well: Side Bis & Tris (2.4 MB; 0:18) , Front Biceps (5.4 MB; 0:40) , & Back Biceps (2.8 MB; 0:21) .

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