The 2004 HerBiceps Dinner was held in conjunction with the 2004 Arnold Classic at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Columbus, Ohio on March 6th. The event was co-hosted by Tre Scott and co-sponsored by Diana the Valkyrie ( and Femflex ( Thanks to them for helping to make the event both possible and successful.

The 2nd annual dinner was a success by all measures. The banquet room was 3-4 times the size from last year's dinner and the crowd was at least twice as big. Among the almost two dozen women in attendance were Mindi O'Brien, Shelly Yakimchuk, Maria Mikola, Mary Lynn Mackenzie, Summer Montabone, April Kohler, Mikayla Miles, Helena Jenkins, Katherine Peters, Amanda Heran, Laura Phelps, Kristie Etzold, Pamela Howard, Tara Scotti, Sandy Tzogas, Dena Westerfield, Shae Calcari and others.

We also had several dozen fans and site members along with many prominent members of the female muscle world including Bill Jentz, Steve Wennerstrom, Gene X, James Cook and Steve Scibelli. Thanks to everybody for coming out and bringing their extra large appetites.

We'll be posting some misc. video footage from the event and some more pictures as well. If anybody was in attendance and has some pictures and/or video footage to submit for posting to the site, please let us know at

Highlight Clips

  • Maria Mikola enjoying some attention (8.19.04) (4.9 MB; 0:34)
  • Helena Jenkins showing why she belongs at the HerBiceps dinner (8.19.04) (4.7 MB; 0:32)
  • Shelly Yakimchuk granting some posing requests (8.19.04) (6.7 MB; 0:47)
  • Mikayla vs. Friend (1.2 MB; 0:50) (6.18.04)
    April vs. Shelly Righty (3.9 MB; 0:27) (6.18.04)
    April vs. Shelly Lefty (5 MB; 0:34) (6.18.04)
    April vs. Guy Lefty (3.1 MB; 0:21) (6.18.04)

    Jill Kolivoski vs Mike Righty (3 MB; 0:20) (6.12.04)
    Jill Kolivoski vs Shelly Yakimchuk -- Big Girls Armwrestling Face-off (7 MB; 0:48) (6.12.04)
    Just Showing Off (2.7 MB; 0:18) (6.12.04)

    April vs Mikayla lefty (6.8 MB; 0:47) (5.31.04)

    Mikayla vs an experienced male armwrestler (1.8 MB; 0:12) (5.31.04)
    She gives it another try..and another (7.2 MB; 0:50) (5.31.04)

    Tara Scotti & Mindi O'Brien Crowd Pleasers MEGA CLIP (11.2 MB; 1:18) (5.22.04)

    April vs. A Guy (4.9 MB; 0:34) (5.22.04)
    April vs. Mikayla (3.5 MB; 0:24) (5.22.04)
    Mikayla vs. A Guy (4.1 MB; 0:28) (5.22.04)
    April in three matches (8.3 MB; 0:57) (5.22.04)

    Tara Scotti & Mindi O'Brien (2.9 MB; 0:20) (5.11.04)
    April Kohler armwrestling a pretty big guy (1 MB; 0:06) (5.11.04)
    Mikayla receiving some armwrestling technique instruction (5.3 MB; 0:36) (5.11.04)

    Natalie Beth vs. Mike Lefty (2.4 MB; 0:16) (5.15.04)
    Natalie Beth vs. Mike Righty (6.6 MB; 0:45) (5.15.04)
    Jill Kolivoski vs.Mike Lefty (5.8 MB; 0:40) (5.15.04)

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