Cancel Button


If you have any problem with cancelling, email me at webmaster@herbiceps.com. If you can't get through to that email for some reason or you have an urgent question, you can also phone us at 646-431-3565.

I'll need you to tell me your username, and password. If you can't remember those, then please give me as much detail as you can about your name, address, the first four and last four digits of the card you're using so that I can make sure that I cancel the right person.

If you join on the 26th of the month (for example), then your membership will run to the 26th of the next month, then the renewal will run to the 26th of the month after that, and so on.

I will not mail anything to your street address. You will not be telephoned. I will not pass your details along to another company. You will get no promotional or junk emails from me, unless you email me with a query or question, or unless there's some problem with your payment.

You should assume that when you click on the button to join, you have committed yourself to joining for at least one month. If you aren't sure that you want to join, think about it some more before clicking that button.